Become a HookLogic Certified Expert.

Take the Certification Exam.

The HookLogic Certification Program enables HookLogic clients to demonstrate their expertise in the HookLogic Advertising Platform, as well as ecommerce performance marketing as a practice.

To become a certified HookLogic Expert, brand and agency clients must undergo an examination that evaluates skills and knowledge in managing, analyzing and optimizing performance marketing campaigns with HookLogic. Upon completion, users become Certified Experts on not only the HookLogic product suite but also the ecommerce performance marketing landscape.

Clients become:

  • Proficient in the HookLogic platform, allowing them to independently create and manage campaigns.
  • Knowledgeable on campaign best practices.
  • Experts on not only the HookLogic platform but also the performance marketing curriculum as a whole.

See our most recent press release and learn more about our certification program.

Certified Agency Partner

When 50% of HookLogic users within a single agency pass the exam, the agency becomes a Certified Partner.

The HookLogic certification program is open to all clients. If you have yet to take the HookLogic Certification examination and are a HookLogic client, log in here. After logging in, click on 'Help' in the upper right hand corner. You can then find the examination and study materials on the Help page.

Certifications are valid for one year from commencement date.

Certified Experts and Partner Companies.